Jogging is one of the greatest forms of exercise there is

Jogging is beautifully simple, cheap and one of the best ways of getting fitter and healthier. It is completely natural. You can do it where you want, when you want, with whom you want and with the minimal amount of equipment required. While it does you good, it actually feels good, too. Joggers buzz with adrenaline!

The 'anti-running' myths are, thankfully, a thing of the past:

The doom mongers (who sit inside getting more and more unhealthy) will tell you that jogging jars your bones. In fact, done at a sensible level, weight bearing exercise is good for your bones!

They may say it's the preserve of health freaks. What they mean is that anyone who does it, regardless of their starting ability, can become more healthy than they may ever have expected!

Or they may use that line that a run in the City is worse for your lungs than a pack of 20. That's a myth spun by the people working their way through another pack of 20.

These were tall stories, peddled by guilty people who know they should be getting active.

Jogging today is enjoyed by millions of people throughout the UK, primarily for the same reasons: it keeps you healthy and makes you feel great.

Jogging also sorts your mind out. It's assertive. You de-stress. It may sound like a cliché, but it's also a great way to discover some hidden capabilities.

Physically, on the outside you lose fat and tone up. On the inside you become a machine as your heart, lungs and muscles develop new strength. No standing on escalators for you - you bound up without raising a beat. Statistics show that runners have fewer cardiovascular problems due to their healthier lifestyles.

You can't just nip out the door for a game of football when you fancy it. You can't have a full conversation at the same time as swimming along.

Jogging is a real discovery. It's a fantastic way to discover your environment & to get healthy. And all this for the price of a pair of running shoes!

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